C. Jon Sawyer

Stoic, Mystic, Master-Coach, 
Leading Self-Mastery Wayshower!

Out of a necessity born in the extreme hardships of war induced PTSD & clinical depression, C has dedicated his entire journey to finding & walking the Pathways of Self-Connection & Self-Mastery in his own life.

A journey that has taken him from the deserts of Central Australia to the mountains of Northern Thailand; from the jungles of Fiji to the Baja Peninsula. 

From studying with Monks to doing Soul Retrieval with Shaman. 

He has perfected his Art by blending Herbal Medicine, Reiki Mastery, Energy, Sound & Vibrational Healing, Primal Skills & Grounding, Qi-Gong, Nutrition, Breathwork & Stoic Philosophy.
Why is it VITALLY important to seek 
Self-Connection and Self-Mastery?
Because without these elements in your life, you can have no real peace, enjoyment, freedom or any ability to create the life you were BORN to live! 
Relationships, Finances, Social Life, Business... 
They ALL suffer until you have completely connected to, embraced and mastered your most PRIMAL, Wild Self!
  • Take CONTROL: Become RESPONSIVE rather than reactive to life!
  • ​REPLACE Frustration, Stress & Overwhelm: Develop your experience of life based on FREEDOM, FLOW & BLISS.
  • Direction & FOCUS: Create & move towards everything you want in life.
  • Health: Overcome and RISE ABOVE your cravings, habits and compulsions.
  • Relationships: Once you have truly connected with & MASTERED yourself, connecting with others becomes really easy.
  • ​Business: The health of your business is a direct reflection of your level of Self-Mastery.
  • Personal FIRE: Become a powerful FORCE in your own life!

The Greybeard Stoic 

"I found a huge hole in the Men's Empowerment arena...

After years of searching for 'the right fit' when it came to men's connection, empowerment and community, I kept coming up short. I noticed that all of these men's groups and Coaches were essentially teaching one of two things:

1. Old school, military style Warriorship; or
2. Completely ungrounded, spiritual by-passing.

Honestly, the last thing I needed after returning from war as a damaged Soldier was more 'pseudo-war training' from guys that couldn't let go of the whole SEAL image. 
And the touchy feely kumbaya, crying around the fire thing didn't work for me either.

There HAD to be something else for men like me... those that already experienced REAL conflict, hardship and struggle, and no longer wanted to play wargames on the beach, but learn solid, practical skills to gain personal power and Self-Mastery."
Are YOU Ready To Become The Most POWERFUL Version Of YOU Possible?

Primal ROAR

A REAL WORLD Coaching Journey!

  • Your Routine: Is it serving or harming you?
  • ​7 Pillars of Self-Mastery: Rebuild yourself based on POWERFUL Truths!
  • Reaction vs Response: Learn the Path of non-reaction.
  • Mental & Emotional Mastery: Gain control over yourself, your Perception, your Actions & your Will.
  • Your Relationships: Develop a powerful ability of self-appraisal & inventory.
  • ​Grounding: The tallest trees need the deepest roots. Develop strong, immovable, deep roots.
  • Personal FIRE: Become an unbreakable FORCE in your own life!
  • ​The C.R.R.A.A.P.P.Y Mind: Discover the secret tool of the Stoics that made Marcus Aurelius so formidable.

What are you WAITING FOR?

"As a reflection of the relationship I had with myself, ALL of my relationships suffered badly until I learned and started living these Principles in my day to day life.

Now, because I am SO connected to myself and my own center, connection with everyone around me is super easy!"

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